Hand Crafted, Hi-End audio cables, featuring, air dielectrics, silver foil and palladium conductors!

Silver Arrow Cables are hand crafted in the UK to the highest possible standards, to ensure that you, the end user, will enjoy the most distortion free reproduction of your music, possible.

It has taken many years of reserch and critical listening, to arrive at our present state of domination in absolute sound quality.

This has only been possible by our employment of the very finest materials, in their construction. PTFE, natural cotton, and extremely expensive precious metals (99.99 silver foil and, 99.99 palladium).

It has taken many years of research, and critical listening, to arrive at our current preeminence in the world of audio cables.

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We have been established for 13 years offering superior audio cables to retail, trade, and music lovers, all over the world. All our cables are hand made from >99,99 pure silver or palladium encased in an air dielectric, which makes them one of the lowest loss cables on the planet. It doesn’t matter what hi fi you own; budget, or hi end; you will be stunned at the improvement installing Silver Arrow cables will achieve.

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